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what is the model and caliber of the parkerized Colt?

Model of 1917 or Colt New Service? Looks GREAT!
It is a rather unique New Service/ Model of 1917.

It is one of 500 made in 1933 in a Colt factory parts bin cleanup. What the factory did was mate new obsolete Model 1909 barrels and cylinders to surplus Model 1917 receivers that Colt bought back from the U.S. government after WWI. They were sold through Shapleigh Hardware in Saint Louis, MO.

While it looks like it was parkerized, the finish is blued over very fine bead blasted metal. This is not a factory finish as they were originally polished blue. What it looks like under close scrutiny, is that there was a bunch of fine pitting on the surface and a previous owner did the refinish.

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