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I ask because I just had 3 stove pipes in my Glock 19 4th Gen. Started happening on my last round of every magazine I had towards the end of my range session.
I'm not a major Glock fan... owned a few, sold them. But, considering Glock's warranty is for life, if I still had one, I'd send it back to Glock. If it still was a cause of grief, I'd send it back again with the admonition that if it didn't run for a trouble-free 200 rds, send me a new gun or a refund.

My P7M8 and Seecamp have never had a malfunction in nearly 20 years of regular carry. My CZ75B SA has yet to malfunction in 3 years of semi-regular use. If it's one of my 1911s or BHPs, which are a bit more finely tuned, sometimes ammo sensitive and rarely CC'd, I simply determine and correct the issue myself.

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