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Midway shipping sucks!

Today, I ordered two "Gate Detent Springs" for my Ruger Vaqueros. Price at MidwayUSA was $7.59 each, totalling $15.18. Then they added $4.00 shipping/postage and a $3.00 "Special Handling" fee adding to an additional $7.00. Total charge.....$22.18.

At first I wasn't going to say anything, but that is absurd, ridiculous, and probably bordering illegal. Any of you familiar with these springs know that together, they don't weigh 1/2-ounce. They can be shipped in an envelope with a $ .44 stamp (and arrive just as fast).

The "Special Handling" fee of $3.00. Could somebody explain that to me? What's it for? Taking it off the shelf and putting it in the envelope? Isn't that what they're already getting paid for?

Sorry guys, but it just ****** me off after I started thinking about my order. From now on, I'll pay $10.00 more to anyone that carries the parts I need just not to do business with MidwayUSA.

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