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I posted this on another thread where it was stated by an individual that he couldn't believe someone would carry something that wasn't 100 percent reliable........he said

"But 99% reliability out of a dedicated-by-design ccw is far short of good, I hope it improves for you."

I said.....

Everything operates at 100 percent....until it doesn't. Review QC statistical analysis. Why do manufacturers have service departments? Why bother with a warranty?
Ever hear the words "defect in workmanship or material"? Metal fatigue?
Name a handgun that is "100 percent reliable" and I'll find an exact model that isn't.

Multiple 9s are possible. High Reliability sure. 100 percent operability 100 percent of the time, no.
Haven't you seen in the movies where the gun "jams" and becomes a non aerodynamic projectile?

Seriously you are always one round away from failure. There are a few reasons to carry a back up handgun. One is failure which in and of itself has multiple possible manifestations.

To answer your question. I currently have five handguns with over 500 consecutive rounds through them with zero failures. This could have been out of the box or 500 rounds following 200 with the 201 being a failure to operate, repair, start over.
When ever I go to the range I rotate taking one of these "qualified" handguns along and shoot three magazines or five cylinders with first range ammunition and finishing with at least one magazine or cylinder with my PD round.

If said handgun in the rotation ever exhibits "issues" it comes out of rotation is repaired and goes through qualification. It may be awhile before it gets back in the queue unless I have the time and inclination to push the issue. That is to say I'm typically comfortable carrying any of the qualified entities.

I have three additional semi autos being qualified in various stages (I keep records) and the next one going to the range for routine exercise is a S&w M&P 340 J Frame. The prior was a Kahr PM9.
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