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I've got a SR9 and I really enjoy it. I CC OTB and have it riding high. When I am also "older" and have had experience with the 1911 (as well as revolvers). I like the option of having the safety on the striker fired. Carrying, it is off but I make my own holsters and I always make them so the trigger is fully covered. I find it fun to shoot and I guess ist's just a case of getting used to whatever you are using.

I also had a Bersa .380 Thunder CC model that I purchased used. I liked it fromthe standpoint of the decocker and the DA/SA. However, the previous owner had evidently done some trigger work on it and after the first round in DA, when it went to SA, the trigger pull was waaaaaay too light. Several times at the range I had unintentional double taps it was that sensitive. I ended up trading it off. At some point though, I'll probably get another. I like the idea of the first round in DA and then changing over to SA, especially in a SD situation.
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