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What do you guys do when your CCW malfunctions?

Do you swap it out with the next gun you're adequate with?

Do you not carry it until and X amount of rounds are run through it to ensure it's good to go?

I ask because I'm somewhat picky when it comes to my CCW handgun which in turn is my nightstand gun.

When I get a malfunction of any kind that is NOT user error. I either run a few hundred rounds down range. Various ammo or swap out that carry gun for my next runner up until I can run the ammo through the one that just malfunctioned.

I ask because I just had 3 stove pipes in my Glock 19 4th Gen. Started happening on my last round of every magazine I had towards the end of my range session. Also around this same time..even with a perfect 100% & 100% tight grip and very well placed shots at 7-10 yards. The brass was ejecting at my face quite frequently.

Something must of happened because I have never had a malfunction with this Glock since the trigger has been set back to factory. (that's a whole other story that's irrelevant) So....1,000rds or so in total. 500 of which has been with the factory trigger without a problem up until now.

It's on the trial bench now. Ran out of ammo at the range to run a few hundred rounds with it to ensure my trust.

Also, ALL my guns are detailed and cleaned and lubed with TW-25 after ANY amount of rounds fired from it. 7 into a barrel test firing or 500 downrange in one session. They all get cleaned right when I get home. Call me OCD.

I've replaced my Glock 19 Gen 4 now with my good old trusty SIG P226 which has seen a lot....

So what do you guys do?
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