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Absolutely wrong. I have a 4 door 2500hd that beats the average 600cc sportbike...
Not trying to be argumentative but you'd have to be way out of the norm for that. My OLD (1975) bike does 0-60 in a bit short of six seconds and I could believe that it would keep up with that with some mods. If it can do 0-60 in 3.5 secs and keep up with my newer bike which is 10 years old now and was built for carrying capacity and rough terrain more than speed, you must be running a pretty darned hot. I'm sure as heck not experienced at running from anything on four wheels with a motorcycle but given the choice between my right hand on the throttle and my right hand trying to dig a gun out from under a jacket with a pair of gloves on, I'll take the escape route every time.

As to carry on the bike, I tend to carry in my hip pocket. Pretty slim chance of falling right on it and plenty of meat for a cushion there. I used to carry in a shoulder rig but I worry about falling on a big hunk of metal right by my ribs. I've also taken to using a zipper pouch for a cell phone that has a belt clip. I've got a pocket holster velcro'd inside and keep it in a tank bag and transfer to my belt when I get off the bike. It's not the quickest draw but if I'm somewhere that I need to worry it's easy to discreetly move from the pouch to a pocket. That doesn't happen often as places where I feel like I'd need be more likely to need the gun don't make very good riding destinations.
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