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The food plots were pretty much ate up by gun season. There purpose was to get the deer on the land while the corn crop was in the fields. It worked. They were small plots of natural foods, not corn. The farmer that planted them is one of the best deer hunters I know. And he knows more about the deer habits and what they eat then most DNR biologists!

There's only 3 hunters that bow hunt the land and rarely all at the same time. They have little or no affect on whether the deer stay or go. I want to emphasize that the only thing that has changed this year is not seeing or getting any good bucks when for the last 7 years I've been in on this lease we always got around 4 bucks with 1 or 2 being monsters. We had more monsters on the land this year then we've ever seen and not one during the rifle season. The neighbors did not bait like this until this year.

I'll shut up for now. I bought a muzzleloader to use this weekend after letting the deer calm down. We have a 10 day muzzleloader season which started this Monday (the next day after the close of the rifle season). The bow hunters won't be out there and probably I'll be the only one. The neighbors filled their buck tags. If there is any of the big bucks that survived rifle season I might get a chance. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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