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If you want crime statistics use the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The last figure I saw was 80 million gun owners and 258 million gun owners. These are probably not right on the money. Lets use them for simplicity. You can get from the FBI UCR the number of homicides committed with firearms. Take this number minus homicides that are in self defense and divide it by 80 million and you will see when you get the results that law abiding gun owners are not your problem. It is the "VERY VERY FEW" that misuse firearms for illegal purposes that are the problem. Your first thought should be that if we pass any gun control law that is only going to effect law abiding firearms owners we have not done a dayum thing to solve the problem. Considering the one percenters who do not give a dayum about the law is there any permanent solution to gun violence by them other than taking them off the street for long periods of time for using firearms during criminal activity.
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