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Dashunde. Are you familiar with the axiom 6 lbs in 5 ib can? That is to say that the smaller the semiauto the more challenging the positive operational attributes. This is particularly true for certain ammunition.
Go spend some time on the Rohrbaugh, Seecamp, Kimber, KelTec, Ruger, S&W on and on Forums. A) many new handguns experience early edition issues. B) not all ammunition favor all pistols.

Any issues with the Bobergs are addressed expeditiously via outstanding customer service.

Check the early Kahr PM9s. They were a nightmare. Barrel peening and 100s went back and forth for warranty repair at the Customers expense. I have one.

The first S&W 642 I purchased 7 years ago mechanically failed after about 150 rounds.....

We're here for constructive conversation. If you have industry or Model MTBF based on Manufactuer's data we would be happy to factor it into OUR purchasing decisions.
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