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I guess i should've taken pictures to support my statement but other than that you'll just have to take my word for it haha. I said the same as you i've never had one with a properly placed shot run over 100yds. These two did. Both had the "pinkish bubbly blood" all over their noses indicating lung hits. Hell dad's hit the ground when she was hit and then got back up and ran off. I agree we should've found blood i never saw any though i didn't really look that hard, i didn't see any around her though she was laying in a pool of blood. Maybe it's my tracking skills that are severely lacking which could very well be the case. We did find a lot for my deer after an hour of looking looked like someone took a paint brush to the ground near her. Couldn't find any on the treeline where she went in though.

Anyhow both deer are dead and stranger things have happened lol. I wanted to see others results regarding hunting VLDs not argue over what happened and why it happened or shouldn't have happened.
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