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Its The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, not the Right to Keep and Bear cute non-Threatening target thingys, that mean people could potentially use as weapons.

The Supreme Court ruled that the right to keep firearms in the home for defense was at the heart of the second amendment. Weapons are used for defense.

Firearms are deadly weapons, even skeet guns and target range .22s. Accept it, embrace it, quit trying to sugar coat it.

We even had at least one thread about firearms being dangerous. They're also dangerous, not just from accidents, or carelessness. Or dangerous as in faulty, etc. Weapons are supposed to be dangerous, designed to be dangerous, or else they wouldn't be worth a flip. Show me a non-dangerous, purpose built deadly weapon and I'll show you a design failure.
nate45 that is a clear and concise statement of how I feel. Thank you. With all due respect to the fine institution, if Boy Scouts can get merit badges for use of firearms without understanding the above, we have failed to tell them the whole story. I also do not understand the notion that accepting and even insisting that guns are weapons somehow makes me hostile. I am not. I understand that firearms are used for many different purposes. There is inherent danger in every one of them, and it does not change the nature of the firearm/weapon.

There are many things that make me cringe about how some of us portray firearms and the use of them. Owning, using and carrying weapons is a serious responsibility that requires maturity and training or we metaphorically (and sometimes literally) shoot ourselves in the foot. How we conduct ourselves as gun enthusiasts is important, but denying that guns are weapons helps no one IMO.
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