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I understand that pistols seem easier to maneuver in a confined space. But If I have the option between a pistol caliber weapon and the damage it causes and a shotgun with the damage it causes knowing that at the very least the BG is adrenalized and might very well have drugs on board the answer is easy. I don't know how many of you have ever been around someone who has enough drugs in his system that they no longer feel pain. I have seen many. Facing them I want massive internal damage and blood loss. A mama Grizzly doesn't take a single claw and poke holes in you if you attack her cubs, her reaction is much more drastic. The closest I can get to that sort of effectiveness involves a shotgun. My kids (and grandkids) deserve that same sort of effectiveness. Maybe you are that effective with a pistol, it's hard for me to imagine myself being that good.
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