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Originally Posted by Saskhunter
hen I would guess you haven't shot very many. Brian P is absolutely correct when he said

A question: if the results you are getting are not what you want, why do you keep using the same bullet. Tiny differences in Ballistic Coefficient are really not that important in a hunting bullet at ranges less than many hundreds of yards.
I've killed probably about 20 so yeah not that many, the only one i've ever had run that far though has been a gut shot back when i was little.

There aren't many 6mm hunting bullets with a G1 BC above .500 and G7 above .270. We've only shot two deer with them and i have 200 of them. They also shot well in the gun through a max load. 2700fps in an 18" .243 is great considering the overbore ratio and loss fps to the shorter the barrel. So it makes for a great 600yd gun, retaining 700fps over a 95gr partition for instance at the same speed at 600yds, which is the farthest i'd be shooting with the gun. I got the bullet wanting a compact short medium range gun for deer, hogs, coyotes, bobcats, etc. Something i could shoot accurately out to 600yds and throw in the truck. I'm not giving up on them, nor am I really displeased, i'm more or less curious as to others results with hunting VLDs.

Originally Posted by Nathan
That is strange. My 300 WSM killed my Antelope dead at 200 with a good exit wound. Entrance right behind shoulder.

The weakness with these should be weak jackets, poorly bonded to the core causing bullet framentation. I wonder what they look like on a 30 yard shot out of a gun shooting >3200fps??

I also kind of wonder if their weaker match jacket makes for good performance at like 800 yards out of something like a 308 with a 180 gr VLD...or if it just punches through...
I was wondering the same. Going to shoot maybe a doe or two more behind the shoulder and see what happens. If that doesn't work i'll start shooting them in the neck like i usually do. Took two last year, one with my .308 shooting 175gr BT LRs and then another with a 77gr SMK from my AR neither one moved. That goes back to CNS as Brian said.
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