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I always liked shooting 40's...

I'm more accurate with my CZ in 40 than my CZ in 9mm. I'm not too much slower on follow up shots with the 40 either. (though the 9mm is definitely easier to shoot quickly)

Had a SA XD in 40 that I enjoyed as well.

My fiance really disliked the 40 when she first started shooting, so we picked her up the 9mm. With more practice she has started to like the 40, but no where near as much as the 9mm... but it could also be the fact that the 9mm is "her gun".

I never really pay much attention to the recoil of pistols in 9mm, 40, or 45. I have to shoot them back to back to really feel the difference.

A snubbie 357 or 44mag will get my attention, but I don't dislike them.

I've shot many guns, and some that kicked like a mule, and always enjoyed it, though I might only enjoyed it in moderation.
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