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two loads

Yeah there are new products, but the old school stuff still works fine.

I basically load the .357 two ways: a full house 158 JHP, and a mid-range GP 158 LSWC.

The full bore 158 JHP (currently Rems) load is 13.5 gr of 2400. The mid range load is 6 gr of Unique and bulk lead SWC's. I use std primers in both.

My 4-5/8" B-hawk is zeroed for the 6.0 LSWC midrange load. It does not beat me or the gun up, but provides more power than std .38 spl.

In the event I carry a .357 for SD, my M28 gets 125 JHP's. Man, what a flame thrower. The old Patrolman shoots .38 WC to same point of aim.
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