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I have a new(2012) Taurus 905(9x19) revolver. It has a very nice trigger. I also have a new(2012) Taurus 94(22LR) and the trigger pull was RIDICULOUS. It must have been 50#. Seriously. I understand that rimfire revolvers need a strong mainspring, but out of my 7 other 22 revolvers, it was the worst, by a long ways. I installed a centerfire mainspring, and smoothed thing internally, and it is much improved. Reliability is still 100%. I would assume the M380 has the same spring weight that the rimfire versions come with. Its a shame, because it doesnt need to be that heavy. I have a Taurus POLY PT-22 and its a DAO 22 LR pistol. It has a smooth, reasonably light trigger, the M380 should also have a trigger like that. Its a shame because I would buy one. I might end up buying one anyways, and fiddling with the springs, as they have to be able to be lightened, without effecting reliability.
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