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Haha, yes the PM9 is a shining star of reliability that no one has ever had any issues with function. Doesn't it state in the manual something about a break in period where you have to shoot it x amount of times before they will bother helping you if there is an issue?

"I had the mag pop out about 5 shots into a magazine"

You left out the last part, stating it was my fault for hitting the magazine release. I adjusted my grip and it wasn't a problem.

"With the Golden Saber ammo, I had one failure to feed out of 25"

Isn't the constant stream of advice that you should always test your ammo, especially HP ammo, in your pistol to make sure it functions well? Wouldn't that mean that it is generally accepted that not all firearms will function well with every type of ammunition? If there wasn't any concern there, why would we hear that advice so often.

"That’s abysmal reliability by any standard."

I had 2 instances that were a problem. 2 FTF issues. I shot 175 times

173/175 gives us about .989 etc or 98.9%. How is almost 99% abysmal?

I have had jams in my 1911 also. I guess that is a terrible design.

"On their website I found the words luxurious, exquisite, prestige, premier and treasured possession."

I didn't buy it because of marketing. I bought it because it is a unique and interesting design in an industry that puts out the same thing over and over again every year. If you choose to, feel free to keep buying the same thing over and over again, but I want something different.

Most people seem to trash what ever new thing comes about, without any experience with it. It's a shame.

Boberg Arms is an American company that is putting out a product with quality workmanship, innovative design, at a reasonable price. The owner is very responsive to customer feedback and stands behind his product 100%. I read another review where the owner gave a full refund when the purchaser was not happy with the pistol.

Sorry you don't like it, but I do. It's like anything else, if you don't like it, don't buy it.

Feel free to beat yourself over the head, if you would like to.
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