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No bug-out-bag, but I almost always wear Carhartt carpenter jeans and keep a good leatherman in on leg pocket, always carry a good quality pocket knife. In my truck I keep 2 cased long guns under the back seat and plenty of ammo for both, plus 200-300 .40FMJ in the storage pockets behind the back seat.

So, for EDC, I have an old backpack that fits one cased 40cal pistol, 6-8 mags, and will fit my other holstered pistol when I do not carry it, plus 50-100 boxed rounds in addition to the full mags.

During the winter I usually keep a heavy coat, gloves, stocking cap in the truck and in the bed, a tool box with 4- 2"x20' 10,000lb ratchet straps, bungee straps, and a couple of smaller ratchet straps. There is a small first aid kit under one front seat.

I have pretty much kept my emergency gear and long guns in the truck for the last 11 years, pistols more recently.
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