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I haven't called for us all to masquerade as pheasant hunters cherishing blued steel and walnut stocks.

But this aggressive tacticool mentality has affected the language in our sub culture.

If you like black guns. Awesome. If you want to zip line down the range firing your twin glock 40s at zombie targets...terrific.

But when you're at the gun shop or sporting goods gun counter or here on these forums, YouTube or elsewhere on the're in public. While in public best not to offend/confuse/anger polite society. Not saying hide away your secret gun hobby. But why would you want to portray yourself as hostile? Weapon this. Tactical system that. I was in the military. Where we are trained to commit overwhelmingly aggressive violence. Now im a civilian. Do i retain my right to perform violence if needed? Of course. In a DEFENSIVE role. I had to leave my combat mentality or at least the aggressor part there...along with my weapons. Portray yourself as a pro-2nd amendment target shooter/hunter/right to carry person? Sure!

I suppose my point transcends just the weapon terminology to our overall public image.
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