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XtremeRevolution: Howdy, and as Creeper said "Welcome To The Asylum." As you can see already, there are no questions here that are answered Yes or No or Dot or Dash or even Up or Down. Ask ANY question and you will get at least nine different answers, and I LOVE IT!!!
No question should be viewed only from one side, and the interplay of opinions, and experiences, and viewpoints always gives you something to think about and make your own decision based on your own wants and needs, because you are the one that uses that weapon. Buy what feel best to YOU, be aware of problems others have had, and what ever you start with PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE.
TFL is the only firearms forum I belong to, and you will not find a finer bunch of people to hang your hat with. Have fun and enjoy the ride.
sometimes your shadow leads,
sometimes your shadow follows,
BUT when your shadow says "Cuidado!!"
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