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I'm really sold on RL17. I load for accuracy first and the resulting velocity is what it will be. If I can figure out how to post a pic of my .23 group I will. My pet load for my Howa with an 85gr Speer BTSP is 42.7 gr. it's a full grain under max, very little brass. Comes off with the trims so that tells me I'm not getting excessive pressure. Velocity is screaming at 3281. My 1:10 barrel shoots 100gr ok, but not as accurately. It's about 1 MOA. My pet load for that round is 40.5 gr of H4831. Velocity is a little slow at 2847. But bullet holds together nicely and does a good number on both hogs and deer. Nice thing is the 100yd POI for this gun is only 1" below the 85 and centerline is dead on. Going to test a few loads with IMR 4064 to see if I can tighten up the group a tad.
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