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Originally Posted by wlkalong
One other thing, .357 sig is not .357 magnum. A magnum 125 gr bullet moving at 1650-1750 fps is something .40 S&W or .357 sig cannot touch. It is the real man stopper. If you want that kind of power in a semi-automatic, you need to move up to 10 mm.
No 357Mag touches that number either, in a carry gun. Stating "FPS" without barrel lengths is pointless.

Note the results from Ballistics by the Inch:

357Mag 4" barrel
Corbon 110gr 1,351fps
Corbon 125gr 1,477fps
Corbon 125gr DPX 1,438fps
Federal 125gr 1,436fps

357sig 4" barrel
Corbon 115gr 1,472fps
Corbon 125gr 1,410fps
Corbon 125gr DPX 1,273fps
Federal 125gr 1,367fps

You need 10" (10 inch!) barrels to get to your "1,750fps". Nobody, positively NOBODY, carries a 10" revolver.

You also need to realize that a revolvers barrel is measured IN FRONT of the cartridge while a semi-auto (and every thing else besides revolvers) is measured from the breach-face. In other words, a 357sig (cartridge length 1.240") with a "4 inch barrel" actually has the revolver equivalent of a 2 3/4" barrel and a 357Mag (1.59") with a "4 inch barrel" has a 357sig equivalent a 5.59" barrel. So even comparing barrels that are both "4 inches", is really not fair.

A fair comparison, as done by Ballistics by the Inch, using Encore/Contender barrels to equal the playing field, shows the following:

357mag, 4" barrel:

Corbon 125gr JHP 1,496
Corbon 125gr DPX 1,471
Federal 125gr 1,511

357sig 4" barrel:

Corbon 125gr JHP 1,468
Corbon 125gr DPX 1,317
Federal 125gr 1,426

So, "on average", the Mag has an advantage but it ranges from virtually zero to perhaps 150fps.
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