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Did you find your dog yet? Hate going your a pet that get away from the house or you. We use to have a big old white cat, my lap cat at night that could be let out and would go next door to moms house. Then come back with no goofing off. We would open the door and call when it was time. Two neighbors mutt dogs came running threw ,one grabbed my ole cat and took off. I grabbed my pistol went after them and when found my cat it was died followed quickly by both dogs. Told the dogs two owners what I did and why , one being a local leo. Nooo issues with ether over it.

Hope your pet shows up.

If you think its just a mag issue and you have a caliper, find and mark the good mag and measure the feed lips front and rear anf try to match the others or even widen if you have nose dives, narrow for nose up at the front of the lips . Thats the only problems I have ever had and thats mostly tunable . Some guys mess with the followers angle too. I had what was an old man maybe 40 years ago help me to get what I called a pile of brown stuff 1911 to run well just by tuneing the mags and useing good springs. My 8 round mag is about ready for a new spring. Works but feel very light compared to the others.
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