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I'll have to trust you on this because I've never once bought a bulk pack. I don't think they even had bulk packs in the '50s when I started shooting rimfires.
Well they didn't have bulk when I started shooting either. Cheaper ammo (i.e. Winchester Wildcats, Federal Lightnings, Remington T-bolts, etc) came in little 50 round boxes and we bought it in bricks (500 rounds). Same cheap kinda ammo, different packaging. So while we didn't call or refer to it as bulk it was essentially the same thing.

Correct me if I'm wrong but what might be called hunting or target ammo wasn't nearly as available as what we have today.
I'm well aware of how ammunition was commonly packaged in the past.

But... you're judging modern ammunition and firearms by 30 to 70 year-old experiences?

Doesn't that pretty much negate the entire point of the thread?

I haven't seen anyone talk about time travel in this thread, so it's pretty safe to assume that current production ammunition would be used - not left over .22 LR from 1970.
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