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The Rock River Quad Rail is a bit heavy, though I don't seem to mind the heft of my first generation RR Quad Rail. I don't have RR's latest catalog in front of me --- but my RR AR --- comes with the co-witness EoTech dominator rail, which I do like, though I can't fit the 3X magnifier in front of my 552 EoTech; even though the smaller EoTech might fit the magnifier on the dominator rail. With the third or forth generation Quad Rail --- you my not have my problem. I also like the anodized animal hide coyote/wild hog camo finish on some of the new RR AR's.

You should check out Troy's new battle rail, before you spend the bucks for a heavy RR Quad Rail; which the RR quad --- might still get quite hot after extended shooting sessions.

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