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Originally Posted by wayneinFL
There's too much of an implication that a "weapon" is designed to be used against people. I just can't bring my self to use that term when dealing with a young boy with a pocketknife, a 410, or a 22. That's not what he's supposed to be using it for. And I don't want him getting it in his head that's the purpose for a firearm, a blade or any other tool for that matter.
Thank you for eloquently stating what I was having trouble formulating.

IMO, we, the firearms community, tend to get very vocal concerning the use of firearms as personal defense weapons, home defense weapons, concealed carry weapons, last ditch weapons against government tyranny and overlook all the other uses of them. And to me, that puts out a bad image to the rest of the public. While, I really could care less what the Huffington Post has to say about me as a gun owner, I certainly care what the mother of Tenderfoot Timmy has to say when he comes home from Boy Scout full of his new found knowledge of how to us a weapon that can kill.
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