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I know what Sammy says,
Mr. feeler gauge, AKA f. guffey

Sammy who?

You wonder why few people bother to read your ramblings, you can't be bothered to use proper nomenclature. Yeah, I get it, you mean SAAMI. But do the new people just getting into reloading make that journey from your use of how it sounds instead of how it's actually written? Quit being cute, use the actual words!

Is it okay with you if I don't want to mess around with feeler gauges, mathematics, and seat-of-the-pants-guessing to know how my brass is being sized? I'll use my precision mic made by the fine folks at RCBS.

Drop the case in the mic, take the reading, adjust the die. So simple "a cave man could do it"!
The more people I meet, the more I love my dog

They're going to get their butts kicked over there this election. How come people can't spell and use words correctly?

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