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There are instructions online on how to lay up glass cloth on wood to strengthen it. But it's pretty easy.
1- Have the wood clean and dry.
2- Cut the glass cloth to the size you want it.
3- Mask off any parts you don't want epoxy on, and coat the tape surface with paste wax (be careful not to get any on the areas you intend to glass).
4- Mix the epoxy resin in a shallow plastic pan (available at auto parts or paint stores).
5- Lay the glass cloth in the epoxy until it wets through, then lay it on the wood surface, smooth it out using a plastic spreader (available at auto parts or paint store) to get the air bubbles out.
6- Let it cure, repeat one or two times if you want it stronger.

Once it's cured, you can sand and shape it.

Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. It's kind of like finger painting.
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