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Help me decide on a purchase, please.

RRA is ending they're sale Nov.30 and I would like to make a purchase before it ends.
There are 3 models to choose from and I was hoping a few could comment on these specific models.
RRA LAR-15 Elite Operator2... RRA LAR-15 Entry Operator2... RRA LAR-15 Tactical Operator2.

It looks to me the only differences are the type of quad rails on each model.

About 20 years ago I had a Colt CAR-15 but things have changed since then and I want another AR platform. I like the LE6920/40's but cant find them in the 1k price tag I keep reading about on these forums so I am going with one of these RRA's.

Rifle will be intended as a all around PDW and I plan on mounting EOTEC with flip up/down magnifier.

If you are aware of these specific rifles please tell me wich RRA you would choose and why. Also if you know where a new Colt LE6920/40 can be had for 1k.
Thanks in advance
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