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There has been one of those Taurus .380 ACP revolvers in the case at the local range shop for many months. No sign that anyone is remotely interested. It's one of those things that's an answer to a question nobody asked.

The fact that it uses moon clips doesn't help. Yes, I understand why, but I don't think people are willing to deal with the nuisance factor (or the expense) of the clips for the dubious benefit of firing an underpowered round in a revolver. The .380 ACP round makes more sense in places (countries) where "military" calibers (such as 9mm Parabellum) are not allowed for civilian ownership. Here in the U.S. we can buy and shoot 9mm, so guns the same size as 9mm but firing a less powerful round are very much a niche product. There's just no good reason for most people to buy one.

And, yes ... Taurus generally has horrible trigger pulls on their revolvers.
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