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Did something I've never done - just slap together one load & off to shoot it - in 3X different rifles. I've always done the 1/2 grain increment bit & tailored loads specifically to one rifle. Some don't even chamber in the other/s.

New Win brass, CCI 200, Hornaday's 165 spire point & 49.5 grs IMR 4064 (never used this powder previously for '06 either - bad cess to me). Brass all trimmed & tidied up w/COAL at 3.230"

Was looking for that all 'round SAAMI-thing that would shoot fairly well in all three '06 I have (a pump & two bolts guns).

All three rifles shot this load well under an inch at 100 yds for 5-shot strings. No chrono & different length barrels but spec'd at ~2700+fps.

I can live with that.

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