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No, I'm fine with calling them weapons. That's what they are. Even a little .22 plinker shares the design and potential purpose as something intended to be used to inflict harm.

Calling them weapons may help hammer home how serious these things are, and I see a lot of shooters who need that.
There's too much of an implication that a "weapon" is designed to be used against people. I just can't bring my self to use that term when dealing with a young boy with a pocketknife, a 410, or a 22. That's not what he's supposed to be using it for. And I don't want him getting it in his head that's the purpose for a firearm, a blade or any other tool for that matter.

When it's adults around other adults speaking about firearms for defensive (or offensive) purposes, for killing, injuring, and defeating other people, then use "weapon", "killing machine", or any other term that suits your fancy. Although "rifle", "pistol", and "shotgun" are more specific.
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