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That part seems odd to me anyway. I can't for the life of me figure out what sort of ethical considerations there might be for numbers of acres per hunter.
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Ok Brian...I think U may be kinda setting me up could hurt a deer herd if U were to hunt too many folks on small acreage....I run a 850 acre management lease of which is part of an area of thousands of acres..all COOP....This is east Texas here..and parts of east Texas have many small parcels of land here....There are areas where everyone in the family hunt small places and if a buck has horns it is shot....(things are better now with new game laws)....My Papaw saw his first deer in the 50's around here....Areas of the county had no deer....They were trapped and reintroduced into areas of many counties....

I said originally..I know little of Wisconsin....I am sharing knowlege of experience here and asking questions about there....
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