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Brian, next time you are someplace where you can draw and fire, point-fire, etc, put some up side by side.

If you are like me, you will notice that at certain (close) ranges, one gun will consistently hit between the 9s of the B27 without the gun ever coming up into flash picture, while another will be on target but wider.

Using flash picture, typically the gun that did well from point continues to outshoot the others.

If you don't have access to a "range" where you can do this kind of thing, the other thing I'll play with is (with an unloaded firearm, of course) choosing small objects in an enclosed area and drawing/pointing at them, then moving my head so I can see the sights, to figure out if the muzzle is actually pointing at the doorknob, or light bulb, etc, or if it is only in the vicinity.

(That last one works really well with lasers... point the gun first, then depress the laser, and see where it's aiming.)

I find the K-frame actually edges the others at the point drill, but performs about equally with the 1911 on the shooting drills. I attribute this to differences in the trigger. (My M13-3 has a very smooth DA trigger, but it's still not a 1911 trigger.)

I always found the trigger breaks on my G21s and G30 to be a bit distracting, and had to fight a tendency to string their shots out vertically. (Not badly strung out, just relative to my other guns.)
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