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I had the mag pop out about 5 shots into a magazine
I had the gun run through the first five rounds and then failed to feed. When I pulled the mag out of the gun, I saw that the 2 remaining rounds seemed to have bound up in the magazine
With the Golden Saber ammo, I had one failure to feed out of 25
Overall I am very happy with the performance of this pistol.
How can you be happy with it??? That’s abysmal reliability by any standard.
I'd feel the need to whack myself over the head with that $1000 paperweight for buying it in the first place.

On their website I found the words luxurious, exquisite, prestige, premier and treasured possession. (all of it quite nauseating really.)
They dont have one single blip about reliability. It doesn’t matter if it can replicate longer barrel performance if it doesn’t shoot.

A junky less-than-prestigious 100% reliable PM9 looks pretty good next to this contraption.

And speaking of looks... that Boberg? Obviously form follows function... blah on both attributes.

Ok, flame me up now.
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