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Constantine, I've owned Glocks, and I could shoot them very accurately. I respect Glocks.

But, if I want a pistol that I can shoot both accurately and (relatively) fast due to its pointing naturally for me, I do best with:

CZ75 and variants
M9 and PX4 variants
M&P series
K frame revolvers

These all seem to point about the same for me, requiring less time to actually aim.

I've noted over time that I can shoot most guns about equally accurately, assuming a Weaver or Chapman stance and target pace. When shooting and moving, or drawing and shooting, I notice differences in time to first hit, or in time between hits.

Shooting around barriers, through window frames, etc (we have a VERY nice 3-bay indoor range for our IDPA club), I've noted which guns have the most noticeable muzzle rise for me, too - which can be a problem if (for example) one leans too far forward shooting through the window frame, and has the top of the slide actually strike the top part of the frame under recoil, interrupting cycle...

Add that to shooting one handed, or weak handed, and I find myself going more and more with all-metal guns. I don't mind the weight for carry, and I like the weight and balance for one-hand or weak-hand, on the move shooting.

My criteria and impressions of my different guns, in other words, changed when I went from mostly static, formal stance shooting to more improvisational stuff. So, now, I mostly shoot:

CZ75 or P01
S&W M13

with a 442, PPS, or MK9 in a BUG role (I practice mostly lefty / weak with those, as I normally carry them LH IWB or pocket).

And I've sold quite a few of my polymers.
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