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Excellent replies. Sarge, I am impressed with your article can you give me any advice on selecting a 45 load that is best for out to 100yds? I do not handload (which I was assuming the original post was about purchased ammo), overall is the 45 acp ideally suited for 100yd objectives? As a self-defense caliber I have overlooked this potential.

All: I totally agree about selecting the gun/caliber you shoot best, but in the context of the original post I was assuming the poster was attempting to make a new gun purchase and trying to decide between the two calibers…. Without renting a firearm (which can get expensive) How would one give advice to someone who say has no experience with either caliber or firearm? IMO, for a “woods” gun I would also consider a flatter trajectory. I would be curious to know if the 10mm has better penetration at longer distances than the 45, in general? I do know that there are more options for ‘hunting’ loads in 10mm that can be purchased from manufacturers that would be ideal for penetration and expansion at any distance. I favor the 10mm for its versatility, not because its 'better'.

Also, if anyone is truly worried about animal attacks I would go with bear spray, which has a higher survival rate in documented bear attacks than with firearms and is more humane on the animal that is only following its instincts…. That said, if I was to choose a firearm specifically for black bear protection I would not choose anything less than a 41 magnum. IMO of course, again specifically.
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