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Mauser barrel, 1903 action

Hello!..Been asking around hoping to find someone that has tried/did this before...I have a very nice 1903 action i would like to put a 7x57 barrel on.
As we all know aftermarket barrels for the 1903 are scarce, and or limited in cartridge choice..I wanted to know if a mauser large ring could be turned and have enough OD to rethread for the 03 action?...I dont think you can get 100% full thread when rethreading for the 03, but is it enough?..Have also heard tales of people turning down the shank even smaller on a barrel, then maching a threaded sleeve that fits very tightly screwed on the shank, and the its threaded to the 03 action..?? I was told if the new threaded collar/bushing had very good thread contact, it would be as strong, or close to an original untouched shank..any ideas? Thanks.
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