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Pardon me for commenting on something from the first one or two pages but I've never heard of the trigger being referred to as a safety. I'm also surprised that no one has mentioned the grip safety, which was apparently a serious issue for some people for a while. It was fashionable to pin it down and deactivate it, presumably because the grip safety was unsafe.

I keep wondering how a Makarov pistol manages to get by with not only not only no firing pin safety but no firing pin spring either.

If nothing else, I think the firing pin safety on the series 80 (mine was a 1991A1) made it harder to disassemble. The natural solution was to never disassemble the firing pin. It gave me no trouble and I couldn't tell the difference in it and any other Colt or Springfield Armory .45 auto I ever owned, trigger-wise. However, under the jelly-side-down theory of guns dropping, I'm almost certain they will always land on the hammer, not the muzzle, and always from at least six feet high.
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