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The problem with the M&P .22 is, as you have seen, that it is not an M&P. It looks and hefts like one, but the swinging hammer lockwork completely changes the actual shooting. Maybe somebody will bring out a conversion like you can get for 1911, CZ, and Glock.
APEX is working on one, might be out sometime next year. If I can build up my toy money a Sig 226 with a conversion kit might be the next addition to my safe. No worries one way or the other, any new pistol is a fun pistol and I have no fantasy of ever making Distinguished Master. Just to have a set goal though I am going to start a organized training regimen though and see how much I can improve before summer

found one at

Offtopic but last week I got a friend interested by showing him some IDPA videos. He has not shot anything since his Army days but recently retired and was in need of a hobby. he just ordered a new Sig, holster etc and is interested in competing so looks like I will have a weekday training partner now. Rumor on the street is that his wife is shopping around for a hitman to take me out now
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