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Wow. Chastised for terminology. I get it that I made a mistake, but people really get sensitive over stuff like that? I hope I don't have to re-read and re-think everything I post in fear that some will shun me for wrong terminology.

Yes, I'm new to the sport, but everyone else was new at some point too. If things are ever going to change in this country, there needs to be more "newbies" to ensure we get to keep doing what we enjoy doing and exercising our 2nd Ammendment right.

As for the replies about the ammo being used for SD vs. range, I don't think I'll need 500 rounds for SD (at least I hope not), so I'll save some and use the rest.

Thanks again for all of the replies and suggestions.
USA Shark, please do not misunderstand my post. I was merely attempting to add a bit of humor to the discussion. terminology generally seems to be a major irritant with some users and while most are usually courteous with their corrections some can be downright annoying. a lot of people I know that have been around guns their whole lives still use the term "clip" inappropriately however it has become such a common misnomer that regardless of if it is incorrect or not just about everyone still knows what you are talking about.

as for shooting ammunition is always going up in price and rarely goes down, when it does it does not go down by much and never stays that way for long. self defense ammo is generally much more expensive than range ammo(hollowpoint vs ball/full metal jacket) so people rarely train with it. IT IS a good idea to train with the ammo that you plan to defend your life with however I follow the train of thought that you spend much of your time shooting the cheap stuff and every once in a while throw in a box of the expensive stuff to make sure you don't forget how to react to the differences. 500 rounds will last you several years if you only shoot 2 or 3 boxes a year and will be much more cost effective in the long run by practicing primarily with "range fodder" than by shooting premium ammo.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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