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It really depends on your goal with the optic as far as far as what is going to be best. A non-magnified reflex optic like an EOTech or Aimpoint is great for shooting up close and acquiring targets quickly, and can still be shot with accuracy out to at least 300 yards on man sized targets. I prefer the Aimpoint style optic over the EOTech for quick shooting, but the EOTech is widely regarded to be one of the most versatile reticles on the market because of its 60 MOA outer circle and more refined center dot. Such a setup allows some versatile use of the reticle that a single dot doesn't allow.

I think an even more versatile setup however is one of the many 1x4 optics available on the market from Leupold, Burris, Vortex, and many others. These optics provide you a wide field of view at the lowest power for quick target acquisition but at the same time provide some zooming power to extend your range with greater accuracy than a non-magnified optic. They're really the best of both worlds and definitely what I prefer for a do-all rifle/optic. Among those style optics, the Vortex Viper PST is one of my favorites right now along with the Leupold VX-R and Burris MTAC. If your looking for more of a budget priced optic, the Millett DMS is also a pretty decent option that is popular among 3-Gun shooters.
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