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Best guessing for a wind correction I've seen was at the 1988 World Long Range Palma Matches in Sydney, Australia. Practice day before the matches started had mild winds in spite of the range being 200 yards away from the beach. On the day of the big team match, the wind Gods had turned on their after burners. I measured wind speed from 8 o'clock on the range at the 800 yard line on my gauge at 30 to 35 mph. All four US team line coaches as well as the head coach felt the first sighter should be made with 29 minutes of left wind so we all went 116 clicks left for openers. That pointed the barrel over 24 feet to the left of the target when our sights were on the bullseye. I and one other guy on the first relay shot first and our shots were about 3 seconds apart; mine struck the 4 ring on the left side, his the 4 ring on the right side. Both missed dead center in the 5 ring by about 20 inches. Such is life when the wind gusts as I fired and his bullet caught more of it than mine did.
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