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Wood crafters, have some questions for you

I've been looking at the options available to me in terms of wooden furniture for a G1 variant FN FAL

The problem is, the wooden furniture apparently is not very durable. The thinness of the wood apparently is a real issue and the hand guards on these rifles unfortunately a prone to splitting and breaking.

My question is if there is any means to strengthen a piece of wood other than increasing its thickness.

I have a feeling this is a lost cause, but I was wondering if aluminum sheet brackets used internally on the handguards (provided there is room) might aid in reinforcing the weak zones, (Usually located at the fore end where the vent cut outs are)

I'm not as well versed in wood craft so I would like to hear from you all who are more experienced in this. I realize that this is not like working with metal and you can only do so much, with wood.

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