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Question..Is hunting 6 people on 120 acres the norm? I know very little about Wisconsin..but around here hunting that many on small acreage would be considered by many unethical.... We hunt 1 person to minimum 100 acres on our lease..sometimes I feel like that is too many....
What works in Texas doesn't work everywhere. You're talkin about 2 completely different kinda of hunting. Texas is big with lots of large tracks of huntable land. SE Wisconsin is farm ground broken up by many many land owners and while it has more timber than the area I hunt here in Iowa, 120 acres of timber is a pretty good size chunk for this area. Big mistake to base what works and is ethical for everyone everywhere completely based on your local circumstances, laws and customs. In short....... Don't speak about what you don't know.
To be fair the guy did say it was a question.. Maybe I read that differently but it sounded like he was genuinely asking what conditions were like more than passing judgement.
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