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Originally Posted by Keg
Question..Is hunting 6 people on 120 acres the norm? I know very little about Wisconsin..but around here hunting that many on small acreage would be considered by many unethical.... We hunt 1 person to minimum 100 acres on our lease..sometimes I feel like that is too many....

That's funny, right there.

My hunting group routinely hunts a 12 acre plot, 5 of which is unhunted open field/cabin with 5, sometimes 7, people. We're talking 1 acre per person here.

Sometimes a couple of us are on neighboring properties so we are hunting maybe 50 acres with 5-7 people.

We also have a small lease that is just barely 100 acres TOTAL and at least half of it is open field and a solid 20 acres of it we never touch, so we're hunting maybe 30 acres with as many as 5 people.
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