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Keep it oiled. Not dripping, but oiled. Inspect it once a week. If you must store it long term you must monitor the humidity level where it is stored and keep it under 40 to 50% either by air conditioning or by using a dehumidifer. If you open a bag or a safe just one time on a day when the humidity is above that level and then close the bag or the safe you are trapping moisture in with the gun. Storing a gun in the original box or a rug or any type of case can also lead to rust. Store it on a shelf or a peg. But most of all keep it oiled. Eezox or Breakfree Collector work extremely well for long term storage and will not evaporate away or turn to gunk. Don't rely on WD 40 or 3 in one oil or motor oil. Use a product designed for long term protection. It may cost more but as you now know it's worth the price. Storing in a plastic bag with dessicant in the bag has worked well for me but the dessicant needs to be replaced or recharged in an oven a couple times a year. Once dessicant has absorbed all of the moisture it can take it does no good. I have purchased large dessicant packs from the survivalist/prepper websites and they have been working very well for over ten years now. They can be recharged in a 280 degree oven. Try to squeeze all of the air you can out of the bag before sealing. I have a "collector" friend who stores all of his "safe queens" in vacuum pack bags with a small dessicant pack and he has never had any rust on his guns.

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