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I don't have a bag, but I got a free Craftsman bucket from Sears a while back when I bought Pops a new push mower that rides in the back seat of my truck. (the bucket, not the pushmowr)

It contains:

Gloves, signal flairs, bright yellow rain jacket, several shop rags, Estwing hatchet, couple of chem-lights, two pairs of safety glasses, and a small aircompressor that can run off the cigarette lighter.

Also, stashed in the truck under the seats and such are a prtty big tool kit, crowbar, axe, first aid kit, Mag-Lite, spare magazine, tow straps, chains, tie down straps, lug wrench, and fire extinguisher.

I carry a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket, but generally there is a Leatherman floating around in the truck somewhere too.

And all of that stuff stays in the truck when not in use.
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