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I wouldn't say going on the "offense" is stupid if you have to in order to ensure the safety of your loved ones. And I wouldn't call it going on the offense either, bcause you shouldn't be actively seeking the invaders, you should be seeking to secure your loved ones.

Seems to me that you need to plan as a family unit the best way to rally at one defensible location and practice doing it often, and under duress, such as middle of the night, no power, etc.

Also, it might be handy to consider some easy to remember challenge/pass words so as to be able to communicate with one and another and not cede any info to the bad guys and plan for contacting police to get back up on the way.

Granted, I'm not "trained" per se, but as a combat vet, it seems to me, that having a plan to rally, a plan to communicate, back-up, and a defensive firearm is a good starting point.
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